Parent Testimonials

Accountability Under the Nevada School Performance Framework

What is the Nevada School Performance Framework?

The Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF) is an integral component of the Educator Performance System that defines the State's shift away from Annual Yearly Progress to a five-star classification approach, with schools earning a rating of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars. Nevada's public schools will receive an index score and a star rating under the NSPF.

How does this affect Nevada Virtual Academy?

For Nevada Virtual Academy, middle school star ratings in the NSPF are based on student growth, proficiency, subgroup performance gaps, and average daily attendance. Nevada Virtual Academy's high school ratings are based on student proficiency, subgroup performance gaps, growth, graduation rates, college and career readiness, and other indicators. For all schools in Nevada, the NSPF will provide actionable feedback to schools and districts to help determine if current practices are aligned to improve educational outcomes for all students.

What Nevada Virtual Academy Parents Say

"I have really enjoyed my Nevada Virtual Academy experience! I like that we can be flexible with our schedule when need be. The K12 curriculum is wonderful, especially the fact that there is constant reinforcement of main points throughout each lesson. I can see both of my children growing and actually enjoying learning. Thank you for making this such an excellent option for us!"
—Parent of a child enrolled in Nevada Virtual Academy, grade 8

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