Online School FAQs

What grades does Nevada Virtual Academy offer?

Nevada Virtual Academy offers grades 6–12.

What subjects are offered?

Language arts, math, science, and history are the core courses in grades 6–8. A full academic program for grades 9–12 is also offered by Nevada Virtual Academy.

Does the program provide textbooks and other instructional materials?

Yes, we provide all the textbooks and instructional materials needed to complete the program in grades 6–12. These books and materials are sent to students directly. High school courses use e-books and do not require textbooks.

Will my child have the same graduation opportunities as students in traditional public schools?

Yes, we are a public school in Nevada, so students can earn a diploma through Nevada Virtual Academy based on successful completion and mastery of course content, and of course, exams and state assessments.

How much time do students spend on the computer?

Nevada Virtual Academy students can expect to spend the same amount of time on school work as they would in a brick and mortar setting. With course work, online class connects and face to face classes students will be in school at least 6 hours each day.

What does it cost to attend the Nevada Virtual Academy?

Because Nevada Virtual Academy is a public charter school, there is no tuition. However, students and families are responsible for providing their own computer and Internet service.

Are there any attendance requirements?

Yes. According to state law, Nevada Virtual Academy is required to offer 180 days of instruction in the school year.

Do you provide curriculum for special needs children?

Nevada Virtual Academy will meet the requirements of your student's Individualized Education Plan. To discuss your child's needs with us, please contact our office.

Can you accommodate the accelerated learning needs of my gifted/talented child?

Yes, with approval, 6–8 students have the ability to move through the curriculum at a quicker pace. Learn more about advanced learners at Nevada Virtual Academy.

Since students do not go to a physical school building every day, how do they interact socially?

Throughout the year, students are invited to participate in school outings, field trips (e.g., to historical sites and museums), picnics, and other social events. Nevada Virtual Academy also offers students the opportunity to meet with teachers face-to-face for additional support and tutoring if needed.

Can students do extracurricular activities at area schools?