Student Support Team

Do you need to update your address?

  • Submit your proof of residency to request an address change by completing this form.

Accepted Types of Proof of Residency includes:

  • Utility Bill: gas, electric, water, etc.… (insurance and cell phone bills are not accepted as Proof of Residency)
  • Lease Agreement (first and last page only)
  • Mortgage Statement (first and last page only)

If Proof of Residency is not in the Legal Guardian’s name, (for example, the Legal Guardian is living with family or friends) the Legal Guardian needs to provide a signed, notarized letter from the owner of the property that states that the student and the Legal Guardian live at that current residence.  In addition, the Legal Guardian needs to provide a Proof of Residency from the owner of the property.

Are you inquiring about a computer?

In order to determine if your family qualifies for a loaner computer:

  • You must complete and submit  both a current Family Income Form and a Nevada Virtual Academy’s (NVVA) request form.
  • Family income must qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch (FRL) AND provide proof of income to receive a laptop.

Families who apply for a laptop and do not qualify based on one of the reasons above will be notified.

Families are responsible for maintaining reliable internet access.

There are several programs available in our community to assist residents in bridging the digital divide. 

  1. Low Income Family Internet Access and Computer Program (Connect2Compete program)
  2. Free Public Accessible WiFi and Access to Internet Connected Computers

1.  Low Income Family Internet Access and Computer Program

Connect2Compete (C2C) is a public-private collaboration committed to improving the lives of low-income Americans by building awareness, promoting digital literacy training, and increasing access to technology.  The program is offered to families with a child receiving free or reduced-price school lunches through the National School Lunch Program. 

Program provides:

  • $9.95 + tax per month Internet service.
  • $149.00+ tax computer.
  • Free Internet training and resources
  • Contact at link above or Call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376)

2.  Free Public Accessible WiFi and Access to Internet Connected Computers

There are many locations for students to access high speed Internet and computers in our community.  All our Public Libraries have free WiFi available.  Patrons can also use public computer stations and checkout notebooks to use in the branches.  WiFi is also available throughout the County's Government Center, Courthouse and other locations.  Many local cafe's, restaurants, and businesses provide free WiFi as well.

Computer Request Form