Nevada Virtual Academy is accredited by AdvancEd. As with all schools that receive accreditation from AdvancEd, applicant schools are required to host an initial team visit. Then the school completes a self-study process and hosts a second visiting team, which reviews and validates the self-study. The last step is for an annual report to be reviewed by the appropriate state committee.

What is a credit?

AdvancEd Policies and Procedures Manual defines a credit as a common unit of measure that represents successful student achievement relevant to a predefined area of study. The standard for the predefined area of study shall be determined by the particular state, informed by national guidelines. A credit is often defined as a unit of credit awarded for successful completion of a course, which shall include not less than 120 hours of instruction or its equivalent per year.

If I move, will my credits transfer to a school in another state?

Generally, the answer is "yes." AdvancEd participates in reciprocity of credits between regions and states. When a question arises, parents are encouraged to meet the principal of the receiving school. If a resolution cannot be met, parents may call AdvancEd and the organization will seek to involve the particular region's association.